Arts Council of Wales’ new fund – Connect & Flourish

The Arts Council of Wales is spreading the word about their new fund – Connect & Flourish. The fund hopes to support and encourage collaboration and partnerships between organisations, individuals, and creative professionals in a post-COVID world.


  • This is a new fund being opened by the Arts Council of Wales using funds derived from the National Lottery.

What is it?

  • It’s a new fund for original and inspirational ideas that puts the needs of the audience at the heart of the activity.
  • It’s a fund designed to support and encourage collaboration and partnerships between organisations, individuals, and creative professionals.
  • It’s a fund that provides opportunities for unheard voices and responds to the Black Lives Matter and #WeShallNotBeRemoved campaigns.
  • It’s a fund that promotes arts activities in the Welsh language.

Why now?

  • We need to help the arts meet the challenges of the Covid‑19 pandemic.
  • We need to keep the promises that we’ve made in our five-year plan: For the Benefit of All – especially to make the arts more representative and diverse.

We want to see applications that:

  • offer ways of developing new ideas and activities, or different ways of doing things.
  • look imaginatively at how and where people can enjoy and take part in the arts.
  • form new partnerships and create work that challenges the usual way of doing things.
  • let us hear new, different, and previously unheard voices. We’ll give people the things and time they need to develop and experiment with new ideas, and to create strong partnerships.
  • bring the best out of the cultural sector with great plans that look to the future (or build for the future.)
  • surprise us and makes us see things in a different way.
  • share the values and ideas of our Corporate Plan.

We don’t want to see:

  • the “same-old” ideas that won’t offer anything new to the people taking part
  • projects that are led by one dominant voice, and that don’t respect the opinions of other partners
  • people applying on their own as individuals
  • school projects
  • projects that haven’t made it plain to us that they’ve thought about the impact on the environment their work will have

How much can you apply for?

  • You can apply for funding of between £500 and £150,000.
  • You’ll need a ‘host’ organisation that can submit the application and manage funds on behalf of your partnership.


  • Apply for what you need now. You don’t need to rush to anticipate the overall project costs as there will be follow up deadlines next year.  We see this as an iterative scheme.
  • To give space for ideas and discussions to develop, there will be two opportunities to apply for the fund during 2020/21
  • The first round will open on 7 October 2020 and the deadline will be 4 November 2020.
  • A second round will open on 27 January 2021.

For more information click this link.